Wisdom Teeth Removal

Most commonly known as “wisdom teeth,” the third molars are the last to erupt, usually in your late teenage years. Most people simply do not have space in their mouths for them to comfortably fit. When they emerge, they are prone to complications like infection, decay and crowding of your other teeth. These complications can be costly and painful to treat, so most oral surgeons typically recommend wisdom teeth removal before they have a chance to cause complications.

Why Consider Wisdom Tooth Removal?

When it comes to your emerging wisdom teeth, you may be tempted to leave them as is. However, the following complications could change your mind:



When crowded wisdom teeth unsuccessfully push through the gums, the tissue can become infected — a condition known as “pericoronitis.” The infection can be painful and cause issues with swelling or swallowing. It can also be recurring as long as your wisdom teeth are in place.


Cysts and Benign Tumors

Cysts are fluid-filled pockets that can form inside the jawbone and tissue as a result of wisdom teeth. As the cyst grows, it can degrade the surrounding structures, causing more damage.


Crowding and Alignment Issues

As wisdom teeth push into your other teeth, they can cause crowding or misalignment throughout your other teeth. Orthodontists often cannot complete the necessary movements with braces without wisdom teeth removal first.


Damage to Nearby Teeth

As wisdom teeth impact your nearby molars, they can cause damage, making it impossible to properly clean or practice good hygiene in the area. The result can be tooth decay, infection and even bone loss.

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Common Questions About Wisdom Teeth Removal

Impacted wisdom teeth removal is a surgical procedure, and we want our patients to have all the information they need to make an informed decision about what is best for their oral health. Learn more about what the wisdom teeth removal process looks like with some common questions below. Do not hesitate to get in touch if you need more information about wisdom teeth removal in Reno and Reno, Nevada!


You Have Been Told You Need Your Wisdom Teeth Out. What’s Next?

Wisdom teeth removal is perhaps one of the most common oral surgical procedures available, and our doctors are fully equipped to perform the operation quickly and comfortably. If you need to get your wisdom teeth removed, it all starts with a consultation to determine how far the teeth are from erupting and what kind of anesthesia you will require for the procedure.

What Are Wisdom Teeth, Anyway?

Your wisdom teeth are your far back molars — the third molar — which is the clinical name for the large, flat teeth used primarily for chewing. The first two sets of molars usually arrive at ages six and 12, with your third molars developing in your late teen years or even early 20s. Because these teeth arrive as you are transitioning out of childhood, they are commonly referred to as your "wisdom teeth."

Why Do Wisdom Teeth Need To Be Pulled?

Most people’s mouths can only accommodate 28 teeth — but the addition of your wisdom teeth makes that number 32. Since the other 28 arrive so much earlier, wisdom teeth have a habit of pushing your other teeth out of alignment or even failing to emerge at all. Without extraction, these teeth can cause pain, misalignment, or even infection and damage of your other teeth and surrounding tissues.

With Wisdom Teeth, Everything Is Timing

There is an optimal time to have your wisdom teeth removed — usually between the ages of 15 and 25. During this time, the roots of your wisdom teeth have not fully formed yet, meaning that the teeth can be removed with minimal discomfort and risk of damaging nearby nerves and other teeth.


Choosing the Right Oral Surgeon for Your Child

Wisdom teeth removal is a common and safe procedure, but it is still a surgical operation. When it comes to choosing the proper location and surgeon for your child, you should feel like you have the information necessary to make the right decision. At [practice_name], we have extensive experience with treating children and young adults. We will be with you every step of the way to explain every step of your child’s care, including:

  • All anesthesia options available.
  • Information for home care and after-hours contact protocol.
  • Developing a custom surgical strategy.
  • Timing of the procedure to ensure an easy recovery.

How Much Does It Cost To Remove Wisdom Teeth?

The cost of the procedure depends on factors like the number of teeth to remove, level of impaction, type of anesthesia, etc. Each case is unique, but we will discuss all factors with you ahead of time to best determine your cost and which aspects of the procedure may be covered by your insurance.

Is It Ever Better To Wait To Have Wisdom Teeth Removed?

In short: No. Waiting to remove wisdom teeth can lead to complications like infection, pain, damage to neighboring teeth, misalignment, and occasionally, cysts or tumors. Because the roots of wisdom teeth are not fully formed between the ages of 15-25, it is considered best practice to have them removed at this time.

What Are the Potential Complications From Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Every surgical procedure comes with the risk of complications, but advances in medical knowledge and surgical technique mean that these are exceedingly rare — and even more so if the procedure is performed at an early age. Some of the complications inherent to third molar removal are nerve injury, fractures and injury to the jaw joint. Dr. [dr_last] and Dr. [dr_last2] will discuss these in detail at your consultation.


Anesthesia is a crucial part of modern surgery, and Great Basin Oral and Facial Surgery offers a complete spectrum of choices to best suit your unique physiology and preferred comfort level.

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